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zDeskzdeskZorro's final baby, a new / modern / free desktop replacement aimed for FreeMiNT+XaAES.
WindowLabyrinthwinlabyThe WindowLabyrinth is a GEM game (running in a GEM Window) where you have to find the exit in a 3D maze.
ThingthingThing, a free desktop replacement for each Atari TOS version. Brought back to the Atari community by the Firebee team.
The Skeleton ProjectskeletonThe Skeleton Project is meant to provide various documents and files in skeleton form to allow fast-track and generic maintenance of certain parts of project development. examples are: gcc Makefile for both multilib & cross-tool building. bare bones command line C program (GNU/linux compliant). bare bones GEM C app program. HYP source skeleton. MiNT XDD skeleton. ARAnyM NF skeleton. fVDI driver skeleton. RSC skeleton. C skeleton for libs with Doxygen & UDO requirements (to generate documentation)
REminiscencereminiscenceREminiscence is rewritten engine of Flashback. With original files (from PC version which are mandatory) you can play this game on Atari Falcon.
NightsidenightsideNightside is a system friendly, Atari TOS / FreeMiNT screensaver. It comes with source code. Not much more to it.
mentamentaThe aim of this project is to collect basic GUI tools for a desktop MiNT setup, that could be included with any MiNT distribution (ej: EasyMiNT ). The applications must to be based on GEM and be open source licensed. Most of them could be simple GEM front-ends for UNIX commands already present in the distribution (ej: find, zip, tar, etc…).
Magicfying GlassmagicglassMagicfying Glass is a realtime magnifying glass for GEM. It can zoom a part of the screen twice or four times. This is often quite useful in paint programs or when the mouse pointer has vanished. The program cleanly uses GEM for input/output so that it should also work on graphic cards and other exotic screens.
libcminilibcminiA simple and lightweight C library for gcc allowing to code applications with small footprint. Functionality comparable to PURE C meant as mintlib replacement for situations where you don't need all the standards stuff.
Gentoo/FreeMiNTgentooProviding the Gentoo distribution for Atari FreeMiNT platforms.
GEMTetrisgemtetrisGEMTetris is a simple clone of the game Tetris, running in a GEM window.
GEM Instant MessengergimAn Instant Messenger Clent for GEM
FreeMiNTfreemintFreeMiNT Home
FireBeefirebeeHome for the development of the FireBee!
EiffeleiffelTo provide a home for the development of the Eiffel PS/2 keyboard & mouse adapter. And eventually a new 'C' version.
CT60/63 & CTPCIctpciSupport page and source code base for CT60/63 and CTPCI projects.
coldmintcoldmintipkg/opkg Package repository scripts and Makefiles for coldmint - optware fork.
CleancodecleancodeThis archive contains example source code for using the Atari hardware using all possible systems functions.
Atari ToolsataritoolsThis project is a repository for re-engineered code for kernel-related tools supplied by Atari, such as FOLDRnnn, CACHEnnn.
AMIDILIBamidilibatari st/e/falcon midi (MID, SMF, XMIDI) replay library
AdMiNToolsadmintoolsThe goal of this project is to provide a WEB based administration tool set for MiNT. It's based on the sources of the Mint98 AdMiNTools.

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